The way nature intended to distribute it's fragrances

Our AirPurifier/Diffuser

​​Our AromaTherapy AirPurifier not only purifies the air, but also doubles as a diffuser!
Just grab a handful of your favorite flower petals, herbs, plants or fruit peels and simply drop them into the water. You can now enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the pure essential oils that are released naturally into your home 
Just the way mother nature intended!
Why not use diffusers that use heat or light instead?

​​While burning candles or diffusing essential oils using heat can smell nice, heat changes the molecular structure of that oil allowing it to release deadly ozone into the air. Our AromaTherapy AirPurifier/Diffuser not only purifies the air, but also diffuses essential oils using the incredibly safe method of "cold water diffusion"
Unlike most other essential oil diffusers ours can run for 24 hours a day!

Feel the Difference

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