Why Ours?

"What is the difference between our AirPurifiers and others on the market?"

​​Most air-purifiers on the market create electronically generated negative-ions


Ours do NOT.

Our AromaTherapy Diffuser/AirPurifier 
creates natural negative ions by using only water
What makes our AirPurifier safer than others on the market?

​The natural bi-product of electronically generated negative-ions is Ozone. The concept is to... "Re-create lightening inside a box... inside your home."
See diagram below to explain why this is "genius gone amiss"
Because there is no burning whatsoever... our AirPurifier does not release any Ozone into the air. Our concept is to... "Re-create a rainstorm, or a waterfall, inside a clear container... inside your home."

How are negative ions created in nature and what's the big deal with Ozone?

In the diagram below, the two major generators of negative ions are explained along with the adverse affects from the wrong kind of ion generation, when re-created for use inside our homes

Bottom Line on Ozone?

- ​Ozone is a poisonous gas that causes permanent damage to the lining of the lungs. This damage is irreversible
- Ozone makes it difficult to breathe deeply and vigorously
- Ozone causes the muscles in the airways to constrict, trapping air in the alveoli, causing wheezing and shortness of breath
- Ozone makes your nose, throat and eventually your lungs BURN. At first, it's an unpleasant smell to some people, then after you've been exposed to high levels of Ozone and the permanent damage has already begun, you feel it on exposed areas as a burning sensation
- Ozone Ban Reported in 2007 by the Los Angels Times, as a piece of Legislature "in the works"
- Ozone Ban put into Effect: In January 2009, The State of California and the EPA issued a ban on all sales of electronically generated negative-ion machines
- When considering buying an air purifier, you should always check to make sure it is not listed in the state ban by checking the EPA's website under "ozone". Other states are expected to follow, as this information is released to the public; please pay attention to what your elected state and local representatives are willing to address!
"The air inside our home can be up to 10x more toxic than the air outside."
- EPA, Enviornmental Protection Agency
- ALA, American Lung Association

WARNING: There are no regluations against selling these banned machines online; follow the EPA warning

Information is Powerful

By now you're beginning to see the need for a product that naturally generates negative ions for your home breathing environment and the benefits it will bring to your family
But why is our AirPurifier also called the "AromaTherapy Diffuser"?

Feel the Difference

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