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How can you get one for FREE?

We believe in word of mouth advertising 
We know that if you like our product you will tell your friends and family about it!
We have an AirCleaner that pulls and removes pollutants from the air, trapping them in water. If you and your significant other are willing to watch a presentation on our AirCleaner, we are willing to offer you the free gift, with no strings attached, as long as you both watch the presentation!
You will enjoy the benefits, for up to seven days or more. We will compensate you for your time by giving you one of our AromaTherapy Diffuser/AirPurifiers, absolutely free! 
Again, all we ask is that you tell your friends and family about us and you get your AromaTherapy Diffuser/ AirPurifier, absolutely free, after watching our in-home presentation! 
There is no reason not to take advantage of this promotion while it lasts!
This demonstration will allow you to experience the benefits of having the allergy and asthma triggers removed at their source and the benefits will last for at least a week!
Our representatives are paid to show the product, so there is no pressure for you to buy anything!
The demonstration will be both interesting and educational
Plus - you get a gift absolutley FREE just for listening

What is our "other system"?

An AirCleaner that uses water as a filter to trap dust and allergens at their source!

How long does it take?

Sixty to ninety-minutes, depending on how many questions you have and we let you use our AirCleaner in one room for free!

Do we Both need to be there?

Yes, our current promotion is a couples promotion. We want feedback from as many individuals as possible!
Remember, we use our advertising dollars on you to give you a free-gift, instead of paying the high costs of advertising on TV 
We want as many people to know about us, as possible! The representative can only leave the AirPurifier if you both watch the entire presentation and complete the survey
Please watch the presentation and we are confident that you will be recommending us to others who are in need of relief from the air pollution epidemic in Utah
We thank you for your time!

Feel the Difference

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